NEC Baby Formula Legal Claim Information



Baby formula NEC lawsuits are ongoing. Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson are facing lawsuits in both state and federal courts. Plaintiffs claim the milk-based formula companies’ products were defectively designed, and failed to warn doctors and parents of the serious and sometimes deadly risks associated with giving their cow-milk-based formulas to premature and low birth-weight babies.



Cow’s milk formulas and fortifiers such as those sold under the Enfamil or Similac brands have been shown to increase the risk of a premature or low-birth-weight baby developing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a serious and potentially fatal intestinal disease. The first study showing a link between cow-milk based formulas and NEC was published in 1990 in The Lancet; it found that formula-fed infants were up to ten times more likely to develop the disease



Babies who drank milk-based formula or fortifiers (especially premature or low-birth weight babies). Premature or low-birth weight babies have underdeveloped digestive systems that make them more vulnerable to injury from milk-based formulas and fortifiers. Premature babies may have been given milk-based formulas in NICU or maternity wards, or given formulas to take home. 



Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) occurs when portions of the baby’s small or large intestine become injured, which can cause intestinal tissue to die or cause holes to form. Bacteria can then leak out of the holes into the baby’s body, which can cause severe infections or even death. 



Our law firm is seeking compensation for families with premature infants diagnosed with NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis). You may be able to file a case even if your child’s injuries happened years ago. 

Please continue to consult with your medical team for treatment advice and consultation. 

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